Essential Five Minute Cleanup for Showings

Once your home goes on the market, real estate agents may call to show your home anytime, day or
evening. Keeping your home “showtime” ready can be challenging, especially if you have children and

  • Everyone gets their baskets and cleans up clutter. Check for hazards, like toys left on the floor. Make
    sure all toys, including bicycles, are put away.
  • Put pets in daycare, sleep cages or take them with you: In the listing instructions, there should be a warning if there is a big dog on premises. Buyers with allergies also may appreciate knowing in
    advance if you have pets.
  • Turn on lights: Open the drapes, turn on lights so buyers can really see.
  • Give the buyer privacy: The buyer can not come to your home without being accompanied by an
    agent. The buyer can assess your home more honestly without your presence.